Beyoncé trade mark barrier to ‘Feyoncé’

Global pop superstar has used the power she has vested into intellectual property to prevent the sale of fake merchandise and the use of the same that is clearly similar to hers.

Beyoncé has issued proceedings against Texas company ‘Feyoncé’ after it is alleged that they have been selling merchandise that infringes her trade marks.

This action comes after complaints were made to the online marketplace, Etsy, that these infringing products were being sold through their website. This was quickly remedied by their removal but they then soon become available on other sites across the internet.

Therefore, arguing that these requests had been ignored, a lawsuit has been filed in Manhattan federal court which seeking unspecified damages. A key argument is that the fake merchandise is causing the star irreparable harm.

The merchandise sold includes t-shirts, hoodies and other clothing items. In addition, a mug is sold which contains the slogan “Feyoncé: He put a ring on it.” This is the item focused on in the lawsuit as it is clearly a reference to Beyoncé chart topping hit ‘Single Ladies’ and its lyrics.

The outcome of this will show the impact that trade marks and intellectual property can have especially when it is attached to a famous figure.

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