Bentley Motors vs Bentley Clothing: a trade mark dispute

Back in 2019, a High Court ruling held that luxury car maker, Bentley, had infringed on the rights of Bentley Clothing, a fashion company based in Manchester. This ruling meant that the car manufacturer was no longer able to release a clothing line with the Bentley mark,  in the UK. The company has been instructed to destroy any clothing which carries the logo by February 3. 

The fifteen-year dispute has been a battle with financial and emotional consequences for Bentley Clothing, however, the outcome has been a huge relief for the family-owned company. This is one big win for a small business. This outcome certainly demonstrates the power of a secure trade mark, as intellectual property rights may not always sway in the direction of a large multinational company. 

Furthermore, consideration as to the classes of goods which you wish your brand to incorporate is crucial. Even if you are starting off small, it is important to think big and consider the potential expansion of your business. If you are considering the registration of a potential trade mark, please feel free to contact a member of our expert team at The Trademarkroom. 

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