Benefits of Registering a Design

A registered design protects the appearance of a product. If a person becomes an owner or acquires interest in a registered design they should make an application to register the design. It is beneficial to register a design for the following reasons:

* The rights and interests attached to registered designs will only be effective if notice has been entered in the register of designs and similarly in the case of applications, notice should be given to the Registrar. This enables the registered proprietor the power to bind a person that acquires interest in the desing subsequently by the rights the registered proprietor holds.

* Registering a design gives the registered proprietor the confidence and entitlement needed to prove to a prospective assignee or licensee that the design belongs to it and that they may transact with at their discretion.

* It gives the registered proprietor the right to bring an infringement claim for his design.

Therefore it is important that you protect the appearance of your design and retain a monopoly over it.

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