Belfield Furnishings Group Wins Copyright Dispute

Upon discovering that AWC consultancies had copied Belfield’s Mulberry design, Belfield proceeded to threaten copyright infringement proceedings against both Mr Avi Weisz and AWC Consultancies for importing, selling and offering for sale the contentious Mulberry design. The dispute has now been settled.

The dispute was settled after AWC Consultancies and Mr Weisz agreed to cease imports and sales of the Mulberry design and further agreed that they would hand over any remaining stock to Belfield.

AWC Consultancies will also be expected to pay an undisclosed amount to Belfield which will comprise of profits and further costs sustained by way of the infringement. In addition AWC Consultancies will also be required to publish an apology in the trade press.

The following comments were made by Rob Stone of Belfield Furnishings: “As one Europe’s largest and most successful manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of upholstered furniture, soft furnishings, curtains and accessories, caravan interiors and beds we invest heavily in product design. We can only protect that investment and our reputation by taking action when our intellectual property rights are infringed. I am delighted that Taylors have secured a satisfactory settlement for us”.

Blackburn based commercial law firm Taylors represented Belfield and Tony Catterall of Taylors has commented “I am very pleased to have secured a rapid and worthwhile settlement of this infringement claim. The dispute was brought to a conclusion without the delay and expense of a trial and is further evidence that it is possible to nip infringements in the bud at reasonable cost”. He continued “We hope that trade press interest in the outcome should put potential infringers on notice that the Belfield will not stand by and have its intellectual rights abused by infringers”.


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