Beauty brand, Clinique, joins the NFT world

Beauty and Skin-care brand, Clinique, has joined the long list of modern companies to be releasing NFTs of their products. 

Clinique, founded in New York in 1968, boasts a range of makeup and skin care products including foundations, mascaras, lipsticks, eye creams, moisturisers, and toners. 

Their most recent venture includes exploring the metaverse of Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs for short. Clinique is the first of the Estée Lauder-owned brands to offer an NFT in a driven effort to increase loyalty between themselves and their customers. This news also arrives as an attempt to add marketing and promotional weight to its top-selling products by taking the form as the brand’s first digital collectible.

The beauty brand has created just three editions of its first NFT and have self-titled them as ‘MetaOptimist’. They are taking a unique approach to the release of the non-fungible tokens, in a way that does not include the sale of them to customers of the business, and rather a raffle-style approach. Instead of selling the NFTs, Clinique are offering their Smart Rewards members the opportunity to receive an NFT by asking them to submit their stories of optimism for the future. The three winners will, not only, win their individual NFT, they will also win an assortment of Clinique’s best products once a year for the next decade. These products include fan-favourites ‘Moisture Surge’ and ‘Black-Honey’. For an additional bonus, the winners will be announced by the celebrity representatives of the brand, Emilia Clarke and Melissa Barrera. 

Carolyn Dawkins, SVP of the Clinique Global Online team, has discussed how excited they are to turn a piece of art into something that is physically sellable, and to reward their customers for being so loyal and giving. CEO of Future Intelligence Group, Cathay Hackl, who worked with Clinique on the strategy of the NFT drop has explained how their focus was on the utility of the NFT, rather than the productivity, and how their aim was to engage with the Clinique community by creating value in both a virtual and physical product to be enjoyed by the winners.

While Clinique is the first beauty-based brand to release NFTs alongside physical items, they are not the first physical product-based brand to do so. Designer apparel company, Jimmy Choo, have plans to auction their first NFT this year through the Binance NFT marketplace. Hugo Boss have also followed customer engaging NFT releases by recently introducing a social media-based challenge where their customers have the opportunity to win five unique Hugo Boss NFT jackets, its physical twin, and a QR code that enables the winner to wear the jacket in Augmented Reality games. 

With Clinique’s competition still live, the winners are yet to be chosen. Lawdit Solicitors’ Reading Room will be the place to look for the winners once they are announced. 

If you have any questions concerning the topics in this article, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the team at Lawdit Solicitors today.

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