Beatle battle for copyright recovery in hits

After a failure by band Duran Duran to recover the rights to songs that they previously had assigned to other party, Paul McCartney of Beatles fame is making an attempt to do the same.

Under the US Copyright Act 1976, artists can reclaim ownership of copyright protected works that were assigned by tem to another before 1978.

The Act states that an artist may terminate all agreements for the grant, licence or transfer of US copyright entered into prior to 1978 by serving notice upon the assignee or licensee 56 to 61 years after the date on which the copyright was originally secured.

Many artists have succeeded in this, Duran Duran are an example of a fail.

Paul McCartney has filed a claim against Sony in an attempt to be a success.

This is an attempt to recover the rights to some of the Beatles biggest hits that McCartney wrote or co-wrote with John Lennon.

At present, McCartney has filed for a declaratory judgment to clarify his position and ensure the success return of his rights.

Watch this space for the next stage, will it be a success or not?

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