Be careful what you put on social media: Katie Hopkins suspended from Twitter!!

We have explained in previous articles about the implications of your actions when it comes to content on a public forum such as social media platforms, but it can get you into trouble with the platform itself.

Katie Hopkins has been locked out of her Twitter account until further notice after complaints were raised over suspected hate speech by anti -racism campaigners. The issues are far greater when you have a following like Katie Hopkins does, which is reported to be over 1 million followers. Even Donald Trump has re tweeted some of her content at times and will then push her into an even wider audience.

If you are locked out of a social media account this does not mean that you have actually done something wrong but it could be that you have ‘offended’ someone which what you have said and they have reacted and put a request in for you to be banned from the social media platform. However, this does not mean that it will be permanent. In fact the social media platform such as what Twitter has done with Katie Hopkins, will lock you out temporarily pending an investigation.

Remember, this is the terms of use that you agreed to when you opened your account and is an agreement between you and the platform. This does not stop people taking further action against you in a civil court so be warned, watch what you say, it may have implications.

Defamation of character is a very serious legal issue which is becoming more and more prevalent on social media sites. The growing number of people who are caught up in their own little bubble and end up saying things that they feel is harmless, end up causing another great distress and harm to their character. Scary letters are sent by lawyers, and you are thinking it was harmless fun. Suddenly you are left with a huge legal bill and a fight on your hands.

We are always on the other end of the phone and will not charge if you wish to pick our brains or have received a letter which you are unsure how to respond to what has been claimed from you.

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