BBC quotes Lawdit as experts on new Sky scam

Following his advice on the TCYK scam, The BBC has contacted our very own Michael Coyle in relation to the newest scam involving Sky.

Customers of Sky have been contacted to warn them of imminent letters demanding money for illegally downloaded pornographic films.

These letters are being sent by the Golden Eye Company and threaten legal action against any of those contacted who do not pay the high fee.

While Sky have not expressly stated for the customers to ignore them, they warn of their effectiveness, indicating to customers to be wary.

It is thought that thousands of Sky customers will be affected.

Our Director Solicitor Advocate Michael Coyle was asked to give comment after proving his expertise in many previous similar scams

His advice to people who received the letters to write back to Golden Eye asking what proof it had that they had downloaded the material or seek professional advice.

Michael does also state that it is ‘unlikely’ any serious action will be taken by Golden Eye as any case would be difficult to prove

To read Michael’s full statement visit

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