BBC challenges overseas and wins Chinese TM claim

The BBC, British Broadcasting Corporation, has fought and won to prevent a Chinese based English language school from using their branding.

The school, Beijing iYuba Technology, allegedly displayed a reproduction of the BBC logo on their website, which was not authorised, as well as displaying 5 other logos which infringed the BBC’s IP.

Not only were these logos displayed on the website of the school, but they were also on their social media platforms and apps.

The BBC claimed that any use of their logo was unauthorised and was an infringement of their registered trade marks, causing the public to believe there was a connection between the two companies. For this, they were seeking $72,000 in damages and an injunction to prevent any future use.

The claim was heard by the Haidan District People’s Court who awarded the case in the BBC’s favour.

The amount awarded has not been confirmed, but it is believed to be at the level sort by the BBC in their claims.

This highlights the importance of international trade mark protection, and the benefit it can be to protect your brand. For more information, please contact our trade mark team today.

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