Banksy trade mark success against Milan Museum

Secretive but super successful artist Banksy has taken a rare step and filed (and succeeded) in a trade mark claim against unofficial exhibit.

Having previously had a negative viewpoint on IP, Banksy is not one to file claims every five minutes.

Banksy has however spoken out regularly about the misuse of his name and artwork.

This has gone one step further as Banksy has filed and successfully argued a copyright infringement claim against Milan based Mudec Museum.

The source of the claim was a Banksy exhibit, named ‘A Visual Protest: The Art of Banksy’, put on by the museum which runs until April 2019.

The exhibit shows authentic works including prints and sculptures, but also is selling Banksy merchandise.

Quite a big market has gone for Banksy imitations as well as other merchandise relating to him and his work.

While this exhibit is one of many according to the artist, it was this one which felt his legal wrath.

While he failed to stop the exhibit all together and failed to prevent them from using his name at all, Banksy did succeed in blocking the sale of unofficial merchandise, citing his registered trade marks.

Banksy himself does not produce merchandise as this goes against his anti-capitalist views but as he is coming round to the idea of IP he needs to make sure he is continuing to use his marks, otherwise the next time he may not be so successful.

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