BA in copyright hot water over billboard

British Airways have copyright trouble on their hands after action has been taken against them relating to a billboard they have created and placed in Shoreditch.

Claudia Walde, is a German-born street artist, known as MadC, has made a claim against the airline for using one of her murals on the billboard and as part of their advertising campaign without her permission.

The mural in question was painted in 2013, is a colourful abstract design, and covers a two-storey building.

Walde states that BA have purposely used her mural as part of their advertising campaign without gaining her permission or compensating her for their use.

She states that the lack of payment for its use is not the main reason for issuing the claim, she wishes to ensure that any products or services that are represented by her designs are in line with her personal opinions and the association will not damage her reputation.

BA have issued a statement regarding the matter which states the involvement of Clear Channel.

Clear Channel created the advert for BA, and has released their own statement. Within this, they state that any images they have used in advertisements they believed they had an adequate license to use them. They will be conducting their own investigation into why there was not a license in place in relation to this particular mural.

It is unclear how this case will progress and may turn on the outcome of Clear Channel’s investigation. What is clear, however, is BA may avoid blame if they can show it lies with Clear Channel who created the advert on their behalf.

Watch this space for any updates!

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