Australia cracks down on piracy sites

Telstra and other Australian internet service providers have been ordered to block piracy sites by Federal court justice John Nicholas. On Friday 18th August, the court ruled that these sites breach copyright laws and are used to partake in illegally downloading films and other media. These sites include Pirate Bay, and although they are located overseas, the local internet providers can and do still house them.

Film distributor Village Roadshow won the legal battle with backing from Disney, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Universal Studios and Warner Bros. to Illustrate the case, examples of popular movies including The Lego Movie and Kingsman were used. These websites have no license or authority to allow people to freely download such otherwise profitable movies.

It was ruled that internet providers must take ‘reasonable steps’ to disable access to 42 websites, which breach copyright laws. Co-Chief Executive of Village Roadshow Graham Burke said the judgement would help save hundreds of millions of dollars in the film industry. After all, the ruling blocked 95% of offending sites.

May Australia take the lead in such exciting legal ventures. Who knows who will be next.

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