ASA Rules Against Bike Chain Manufacturer

The ASA have upheld Olympic medal winning cyclist Emma Johansson’s complaint about her being used in a bicycle chain advertisement.

The Advertising Standards Agency upheld the complaint against KMC Chain Europe who had made an advert claiming that Emma Johansson endorsed its products when she did not and also included a testimonial from Emma Johansson. However Johansson claims that she never gave the testimonial.

KMC in its defence said the Johansson was a member of two teams that they sponsored and in the photo Johansson was riding a bike with one of their chains. However the ASA ruled that the advert was misleading:

“KMC had not demonstrated that the testimonial in the ad was directly attributable to Emma Johansson or that she had given permission for her image or name to be used…Because KMC had not demonstrated that Emma Johansson endorsed the product or that the testimonial was genuine, we concluded that the ad was likely to mislead.”

KMC have been ordered not to use the advert again and to ensure that it obtains approval before claiming endorsements in the future.

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