Artist ‘Sophie Tea’ to launch first NFTs

Modern Artist SophieTea first reached fame in pop-media culture in 2017 while making an artistic statement at the 2017 Coachella festival. The Wolverhampton-born artist has since made multi million-pound status after selling hundreds of one-of-a-kind artworks in a range of different collections. 

After becoming so successful creating and selling physical artwork in her Sydney, Australia studio, the artist has taken the next step in her artistic career by creating and releasing her own NFT collection. 

Limited information is available, but more is due to be released on May 27th for the drop on May 28th. 

The 29-year-old has announced that they will be launched in collaboration with Future Art on NFT sale platform Nifty Gateway due to its ease for first time NFT buyers to access and buy the digital products without being subjected to certain fees. 

The first NFT artwork will be titled ‘SOPHIE’ and will be available to purchase for a limited time of 30 minutes. The first 9 individuals to secure a ‘SOPHIE’ edition will also receive a unique physical 1/1 piece of artwork. The SOPHIE NFT has been announced to attempt to open doors for artists to mirror the same modern movements as her.

The second NFT is called ‘WOMEN’, which is 3 separate NFTs with 20 editions of each, offering a total 60 available NFTs within the drop. These will be available as a First Come First Serve basis and contain different ‘skins’ from materials that she has used in her physical collections throughout her different artistic eras. 

We will know more about the drop, and Sophie’s movement into the Metaverse by the end of the week and will review how the drop went following her launch. 

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