Ariana Grande Releases Newly Trade Marked Perfume

A recent article on Lawdit’s ‘Reading Room’ featured details and information regarding pop-sensation, Ariana Grande’s most recent Trade Mark application. The singer filed an application under her popularised song title; ‘God is a Woman’, under a class that included products like body lotions, non-medicated skin care preparations, body mousse, body mists, body souffles, eau de parfum, perfume, shower gels bath gels, eau de cologne and eau de toilette. With no official announcement from Grande, fans were eagerly awaiting and speculating what her first released product will be under this name.

Since that article, Grande has informed her fans of her new perfume collection, aptly titled ‘God is a Woman’, with the announcement including an image of the perfume bottle. It is no surprise that fans will sell out the product once it releases in USA beauty stores.

The perfume bottle is a new design for the Florida-born popstar, so it is expected that she will file for design rights, to protect the shape and other characteristics of her new release. 

If you would like any assistance with filing a trade mark, or have any questions regarding the information in this article, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the team at Lawdit today.

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