Ariana Grande files $10 million lawsuit against Forever 21

The famous pop star, Ariana Grande, has filed a lawsuit against the American retailer, Forever 21. Grande’s lawsuit against Forever 21 is seeking $10 million in damages for copyright infringement, trademark infringement, false endorsement and violating her right of publicity.

The pop singer filed the lawsuit in a federal court in California after she alleges, she turned down the opportunity to feature in an extremely high-profile advertising campaign with the clothing retailer, Forever 21, but the retailer continued to use a “strikingly similar” model for the campaign. Grande claims that the clothing brand falsely made it look like she was supporting the brand by using extremely similar imagery from her ‘Thank U Next’ music album and hiring a look-a-like model to recreate scenes from her ‘7 Rings’ music video.

The lawsuit states that it was clear that Forever 21’s primary intention was to make it seem like Ariana Grande was promoting and supporting Forever 21 and claims that the brand capitalised off her success; even though she never signed a deal with them!

According to the lawsuit; “as of February 2019, Ms Grande became the most-followed woman on Instagram in the world, amassing more than 160 million Instagram followers” estimating that one single post by the pop star could be worth “well into the six figures”.


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