Ariana Grande burnt by flame image copyright claim

Having risen to be one of the most loved popstars, Ariana Grande has released hit after hit lately.

However, in the world of pop, the music itself isn’t it. The music video for each hit can attract a lot of attention.

It’s the music video for Grande’s song ‘God is a Woman’ which has caused issues.

US artist, Vladimir Kush, has claimed that the imagery in the music video has infringed his copyright protection in his art, as its nearly identical to one of his paintings.

As is the system in the US, Kush registered the copyright protection in the painting in 1999. The painting depicts a silhouette of a woman as the wick of a large candle.

The scene in the music video that Kush is referring to is about a minute in and show Grande as the candle wick with the light from the flame around her and radiating onto a blue cloudy sky above.

While Kush recognises there are minor differences between the music videos, this is not enough to rid of copyright infringement.

Kush has requested the video be removed from the internet and he is paid damages and legal fees.

There has been no word from Ariana’s camp but what is clear to see is yet another megastar has been burnt by the flames of copyright protection.

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