Appointing a solicitor to deal with your registered design.

You may already have a solicitor helping you with your registered design and you want to change them or you may wish to appoint a solicitor to advise you on your design after you have filed it. If so there is a relatively simple procedure to follow at the UK IPO (or get your new solicitor to do it!)

You can use form DF1 to remove or appoint a person, company or agent to deal with your application or any other complicated part of our procedures for you. It can also be used to alter the contact details that the UK IPO holds. There is no fee for this.

However if you as the applicant or proprietor alter your name or address you will need to use the DF16A <> to inform us of this change.

Send your request to

Intellectual Property Office

Concept House

Cardiff Road


South Wales

NP10 8QQ

United Kingdom

Or fax it on 01633 817777.

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