Apple’s Siri tool faces fears of a ban in China, after a recent patent infringement claim.

Apple has recently been hit with a patent infringement claim by a Chinese company, which insists that until the case has been decided, Siri should be banned in China. Siri is an inbuilt helping tool, which exists in almost all of Apple’s products, therefore the injunction being requested by the Chinese company would prevent any future sales of all Siri inclusive products. The company seeking the remedy is Xiao-i, whom were previously awarded patent rights for a virtual intelligence assistant. Recent reports demonstrate that the latter company are suing Apple for an estimated figure of $1.43 billion in lost damages.

As part of their claim, Apple were asked to terminate production, sales and use of any products which infringe the patent, which includes almost all of Apple’s devices. Apple’s best bet of a legal defence against an infringement claim would be to have the patent in question declared as invalid. Unfortunately, the company tried this and lost the case.

Court rulings in China may often give an impression of favouring Chinese companies, over foreign ones, so a possibility of patent trolling could arise here. However, a former Chinese judge said that such ban is unlikely to succeed. The tech giant are regularly subject to lawsuits, with a recent claim of patent infringement from Koss, the inventor of stereo headphones. Apple is also facing a European antitrust investigation into their virtual assistant, Siri.

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