Apple’s new patent application for portable electronic devices

Apple’s new patent application pertaining to a cover glass for portable electronic devices has recently been published. The invention is designed to furnish an extra layer of protection and can be applied over the display or over the body of the device. Theoretically speaking, this should enhance the durability of Apple’s products such as iPhones and iPads.

Patently Apple, a blog that centers on Apple’s Intellectual Property has elucidated the following:

“The transparent article can form a part of a housing of the portable electronic device and can provide an outer surface for a portion of the housing. The transparent article can be provided over a display of portable electronic device to provide a protective outer cover over the display.”

Arguably the most noteworthy part of this patent application is Apple’s description of how the use of a sapphire coating could ameliorate strength. Sapphire has already been employed in the composition of the Apple Watch and iPhone camera lenses.

“In still another embodiment, a sapphire coating can be deposited on the transparent article to improve it strength. Advantageously, the transparent article is able to be not only thin and lightweight but also provide sufficient stiffness for use as a cover glass.”

Various glass designs have been entertained by Apple’s engineering and design teams in the past and it remains to be seen if their latest formulation yields a desirable and profitable outcome.

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