Apple’s new keyboard enables users to set up audio and force preferences.

The USPTO recently published one of Apple’s latest patent applications which holds reference to the possible production of a new adjustable keyboard. The latter holds different variations of use depending on preference, through the use of factors such as force, tactile peak, audio feedback and more. This preference is set to enable gamers with the custom option to potentially control every aspect of the keyboard. This of course can also benefit all PC users, as a person would be enabled to set different resistance levels of the keyboard.

Another element which can be tuned by the user is that of noise. They keyboard can be adjusted to provide a quieter or a louder noise when typing. Further acoustic elements could be added if a user wishes to change up the noise which is made by the keyboard. As per the patent, there is suggestion that a user may also be able to customise different groups of keys, if they desire a stronger feedback for keys “ that are conventionally actuated by their pointed or middle fingers”, for example.

The patent in itself is a very detailed document, with further notes from Apple explaining that although the aspect of ease and comfort is a priority, most keyboards are ‘substantially static’ in their feel once in end use. This potentially means that third party sellers cannot customise preferences. The above is a patent application therefore the timing or the certainty of release of the product remain yet to discover.

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