Apple v Samsung- Patent Infringement

The legal disputes, in regards to a patent violation of two functions, among Apple and Samsung have finally come to a conclusion, after seven years of legal conflict.

In 2011, Apple Inc had filed a lawsuit on Samsung Electronics, as Apple believed Samsung had violated the Patents Act 1988 by designing their smartphones very similar/identical to the iPhone (released in 2007), as a result reducing the distinctiveness of the iPhone, in addition to this diluting Apple’s market share. Apple aimed to receive $2 billion dollars from the South Korean Multinational conglomerate company.

Subsequently later (a year), a US jury approved Apple Inc’s case awarding them $1.05 billion, in order to compensate Apple for the infringement of the patent. The infringement included the design of the screen and icons. In response, Samsung appealed to reduce the amount of reparations to be paid, escalating the case by taking it to the Supreme Court. The South Korean Company argued that the reparations should be limited, due the patent being partially infringed as the patent infringement consisted of only certain features.

This concluded in May 2016, with the defeat of Samsung, who claimed it only owed $26 million, however the jury awarded Apple $539 million (£403 million) for the Infringement of a patent.

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