Apple v Samsung: August 2014

It has been recently reported that Apple were unsuccessful at their attempt to permanently bar the sale of particular Samsung phone handsets (that were found to infringe some of Apples patents) in the U.S.

A District Court in California held that Apple had failed to prove that it suffered “irreparable harm” as a direct consequence of Samsungs infringement.

The decision is linked to a ruling in May this year where a Californian Court ruled that the Californian based branch of Apple were successful in a claim that Samsung had infringed two of their patents, namely the ‘auto correct’ and ‘slide to unlock features’. South Korea based Samsung was ordered to pay out damages in the range of $119 million (Apple had initially claimed it was due $2 Billion).

Apple had aimed to secure ban on the sales on certain Samsung handsets including the Galaxy Nexus Smartphone but the judge that ruled against Apple in the initial trial stated that Apple had not “satisfied its burden of demonstrating irreparable harm”.

In the early part of this month the two mobile phone giants agreed to settle their disputes outside the U.S. To date Samsung has paid out in excess of $1 Billion to Apple but has said that it will appeal against these decisions.

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