Apple threatens to leave the UK market after a recent patent ruling

After a recent UK court decision that could see Apple pay as much as £5bn to use a patent covering technology in its iPhones, the company has threatened to leave the UK market. If the latter becomes a reality, sales of iPhones in the UK will be over and there would also be tighter restrictions on the sale of the rest of Apple’s products.

This news comes in as Optis Cellular Technology is suing Apple for infringing its patents and therefore its “standardised technology”. Furthermore, last month the High Court ruled that Apple has infringed on two separate patents belonging to Optis, which consist of technology that enables iPhones to connect to 3G and 4G networks.

The fees which would be payable by Apple for the infringement are set to be determined in a trial in 2022. Nevertheless, the licence fees have been estimated at $7bn, as Apple was warned that it “might be disappointed” by the rate. The company has already hinted at its possible escape from the UK market, stating that there may be terms set by the court that are “commercially unacceptable”.

The UK technology market generates immense revenue for Apple, so can this threat become a reality? Be sure to keep an eye out for further updates on the above matter on our reading room.

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