Apple secure a patent for sensor input finger devices to be used with a future Apple mixed reality headset.

The USPTO have just granted Apple a total of 45 patents, one of which holds particular reference to a potential system that could include one or more U-shaped finger- mounted devices used to gather sensory data when the user wears a head mounted display system.  As per the patent, the sensors could potentially measure elements such as force, touch and proximity in the world of mixed reality, an incorporation of both the virtual and real world .

The device could therefore potentially provide vibrations as the user interacts with real -life objects and virtual ones. Alongside the device there will be a battery case, with a hinged lid to store and charge the device, which largely resembles the design of the Apple AirPods case. The patent application was filed back in Q3 of 2018.

The device may for example be used to provide the fingers with a desired texture or feel when the user touches a real-life object or when they are in the virtual reality world and are holding a virtual object. It could potentially enable gesture interaction in the virtual reality world whilst the user is wearing the head mounted display system. Be sure to stay tuned for any further updates on the matter, on our reading room.

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