Apple patent suggests that two iPads could be joined together to form a notebook-style laptop.

Apple recently filed a patent application, with the US Patent and Trademark Office, which explores the concept that two touchscreen devices, whether two iPhones or two iPads, could be connected together and act as a laptop. The idea sees that one device will act as a display and the other as a touchscreen keyboard, through the connection of an accessory. The accessory in question would consist of two small connectors and a hinge, allowing the devices to be attached on either side of it. Furthermore, the connector would ensure that the devices work simultaneously, as a pair.

The patent also appears to suggest that while one device may be on a flat surface, acting as a keyboard, the other could act as a screen in both a portrait and a landscape mode. Another way to attach the connector would be with both devices in a portrait format, a layout which is mainly witnessed in Microsoft products. This isn’t Apple’s first patent filing of a second screen-device, really enabling an insight into some of Apple’s current areas of research.

The patent seems to portray a long list of possibilities for use of the connecting device. If successful, the accessory could be of great use. However, does this mean that one whom wishes to purchase it must possess two iPhones or two iPads? And what effect is this likely to have on the sale of their largely popular MacBook’s? The answer remains unclear, however, the possibility of all physical keyboard features being present on a touchscreen remains highly unlikely.

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