Apple Patent: New smart ring could be an accessory to the Apple Glass.

You might have thought you have seen everything there is to see from Apple, however, the company has recently filed a patent which ventures them into the world of accessories. This ring might however differ from any other on the jewellery market as it is set to be used in conjunction with Apple’s head-mounted display (HMD), better known as the Apple Glass.

As per the patent, the smart ring is described to incorporate a hinge that rotates about an axis, which would in turn gather input from the user through a sensor. Furthermore, the patent notes that the ring could perhaps enable the user to gain gesture-based control, allowing the ring and the HMD to communicate wirelessly.

Furthermore, the patent reads that electronics such as computers can be controlled using a mouse, and in the world of virtual reality devices may not be so comfortable for the user and may provide inadequate feedback, outlining the need for the smart ring. This is in fact not the first time Apple has explored the idea of a ring and a HMD, as a similar patent was filed back in July 2020.

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