Apple must pay $506 million to Optis Wireless for LTE patent infringement.

Tech giant, Apple, has been making numerous headlines recently, with several patent infringement suits heading their way. This week the company were ordered by a jury to pay $506 million for the infringement of patents held by PanOptis. The patents all circulated around the use of LTE (long-term evolution) cellular technology in Apple products, including the iPhone, Apple Watch and the iPad. In their defence, Apple argued that their products’ compatibility with 4G LTE, just as many other smartphones on the market, was not any evidence of infringement.

However, Optis Wireless insist that Apple wilfully infringed their patents, as they refused to enter into any licensing agreement with the company. The latter also insist that they “repeatedly” negotiated with Apple, however with no success. Some of the patents at the centre of the case include “Method for transmitting uplink signals” and “Controlling channel signalling using a common field for transport from and redundancy version”.

Despite the tech giant’s best effort to defend themselves against the suit, the jury on the case said they had failed to prove that Optis’ patent infringement claims were invalid. Furthermore, Apple insisted that such companies harm consumers by accumulating patents to provide for lawsuits. In other news, Apple received a claim for patent infringement from stereo headphones inventor, Koss, as well as having Xiao-i target their virtual assistant, Siri.

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