Apple in New Patent Trouble

Apple is in further patent trouble this week. A Jury in the US has found that it has used a patent owned by the University of Wisconsin in its IPhones and IPads without permission.

A patent filed by the University in 1998 which improves the power and efficiency of microchips was held to be valid by the jury.

A US jury found on Tuesday that Apple used technology owned by the University of Wisconsin in some iPhones and iPads without permission.

A jury in Wisconsin said the patent, which was filed in 1998 that improves the power efficiency of microchips, was valid.

The university claimed Apple ignored its offers to license the patent, which would have meant paying a fee for its use.

As a result, it said Apple was wilfully infringing the patent. It has been stated that Apple could be liable for as much as $862m in damages.

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