Apple granted two new recharging system patents, including a Smart Power Bank and AirPower.

The USPTO have just granted Apple a total of 45 patents, two of which concern different charging devices. It is often the case that Apple device users may require to turn to a power bank or a wireless charging mat from other companies in order to top up their iPhone’s battery charge, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that Apple have decided to produce their own takes on the latter devices.

As most of the company’s devices contain rechargeable batteries, users who heavily rely on their devices often need to recharge them outside of their home or office, and Apple’s external battery back looks to achieve just that. The patent discloses information such as the efficiency of power transfer through a switching mechanism capable of routing battery voltage or a stepped-up voltage directly to the output connector.

The second patent concerns to the possible future charging pad. The latter is a wireless transmitting system which may be able to charge one or more of Apple’s devices at a time, including the Apple watch, an iPhone, iPad or AirPods. This product is highly likely to be released as the demand is high, and it appears surprising it hasn’t hit the market sooner.

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