Apple granted two major patents today, which came to life with the iPhone 12.

Apple have just been granted two new patents today, one for a Ceramic Shield and the other for a MagSafe wireless charger. Apple’s Ceramic Shield holds the purpose of increased durability and resistance to cracking, leading to a four-times better drop performance. This is further aided by an extra component which sits on the edge of the iPhone and ensures extra protection, if dropped.

The quadrupled drop performance is actually Apple’s biggest year-over- year improvement to date, for the iPhone. The second granted patent is regarding the MagSafe charger and accessories. As part of the latter, there is a credit card holder which is shielded in order to protect a card from money extraction through unauthorised contactless payments.

The MagSafe charging case will also be sure to fill up your phone battery twice as fast, however only with a MagSafe charging dock. There is no need for the use of a cable, as the charging is wireless and largely resembles that of the Apple watch. This feature is not set to come in a bundle with the iPhone 12, however can be purchased separately. All items are sold individually, including the actual charger and the compatible charging case. There is also the potential for release of a duo charger, which would charge more than one item at a time, however that is not on Apple’s website just yet. The company are also likely to release this feature for other Apple products, including their iPad.

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