Apple Glass set to communicate with other devices for AR mapping.

Apple have recently filed a patent for the Apple Glass, which is set to take data from other devices, in order to accurately map an environment, with aims of bettering an augmented reality (AR) experience through a head-mounted display (HMD). AR relies on the accuracy of surrounding geometry in an environment, thus if several Apple devices are collecting data, it could ease the process. However, the latter doesn’t necessarily ensure accuracy of measurements. The patent was granted to Apple last week by the USPTO .

A way to ensure precise accuracy could include several devices performing an initial map of the area, which would be quicker and more accurate than just one device acting on its own. The overall necessity for a more accurate environment would be to allow for AR objects to be seen in the same place as the real-world location of the object. As per Apple’s description, it is the imaging sensors which can create a keyframe, consisting of image data. The keyframe is then swapped between all devices. Furthermore, the patent states that the devices could communicate the data directly, rather than relying on a server to spread the information.

Although Apple are regularly witnessed filling several patent applications a week, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the design or product will certainly appear in the future. In a recent filing, Apple came up with different ideas of preventing users from bumping into real-life, potentially harmful objects, whilst using a HMD, as well as taking advantage of AR, to provide iPhone users with more privacy.

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