Apple Glass could potentially portray a virtual keyboard onto any surface.

If you have been keeping up to date with our reading room, you may be aware of Apple’s new concept named the ‘Apple Glass’. We already know that the granted patent was set to enable the Apple Glass to take data from other devices in its aim of bettering an Augmented Reality (AR) experience for the user. Further updates now appear to suggest that the device could potentially be able to project a virtual keyboard onto any surface.

The keyboard in question could be used alongside AR glasses or potentially a different head mounted device. As per the patent, when the user creates text through the keyboard it will likely appear in their field of vision through the AR glasses. Apple have noted that the method would consist of tracking devices being placed in close proximity to the user’s hands , as well as the potential use of force sensors.

Furthermore, when using the keyboard, the user’s hands could potentially appear transparent when looking through the AR glasses. This will hold the aim of enabling the individual to properly view the keys when typing. Additionally, the Apple Pencil could also play a part, as there is the possibility of allowing a user to draw onto the surface, as the data is processed through the Apple Glass. This matter seems rather complicated and could perhaps pose more difficulty than ease, as opposed to a normal keyboard, as the necessity for a smooth comfortable  surface may not be accessible at any given point.

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