Apple bites over pear logo US trade mark application

Yet again, a big corporation has taken action over a small business, this time its Apple up against US blog owner Natalie Monson.

Ms Monson is the owner of a food blog called Super Healthy Kids and has been running it for 11 years. As part of the branding for the blog, she uses a pear image.

Apple have filed with the US Patent and Trade Mark Office to argue that the pear logo, that they describe as ‘ a minimalistic fruit design with a right angled leaf’ is too similar to their apple design and therefore it will cause a similar commercial impression. Apple is seeking to challenge the trade mark application that Ms Monson and her husband had filed.

While Apple have chosen not to comment on their actions, Russ and Natalie Monson have taken to social media to highlight the ‘bullying’ behaviour. A petition has been started and has gained over 43,000 signatures. The pair have urged their followers to put pressure on the company to withdraw their challenge as if it continues, it will put the blog out of business.

Their plan is to continue to develop their app called Prepear where users can upload their recipes, and allows them to plan meals and create shopping lists.  This is in conjunction to their blog and has over 21,000 users.

It will be interesting to see if Apple will respond or if they will go full steam ahead with their challenge.

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