Apple battling against calls to suspend Facetime and iMessage

After being on the losing end of a $625m award in February, Apple are now fighting against a request for more damages as well as a prevention order.

Texas based firm, VirnetX, successfully argued that Apple has infringed four of their patents. They are now arguing that by allowing Apple to continue using their services Facetime and iMessage, it is causing ‘irreparable harm’ to their business.

They are seeking a block preventing the tech giant from using their services.

Apple are contesting this further case, wanting the court to disregard the previous verdict. They argue that the US Patent and Trademark Office has previously invalidated VirnetX’s claim against the services.

Apple also argue that their customers will be subject to harm if the services were forced to be removed from their devices, iPhone, iPad and Mac.

VirnetX have justified their actions to harm Apple customers to prevent harm caused to users of their own messaging service, Gabriel Collaboration Suite.

The outcome of this messaging battle has an unknown date but it is clear that it will shape how Apple operate and the services they can provide quite significantly.

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