Apple AirTags patent potentially set to locate nearby defibrillators and assess a user’s posture.

Apple have filed two ‘AirTags’ patent applications, which consist of a broad array of potential ideas. More specifically, this could include features which vary from locating the nearest defibrillator to monitoring one’s posture. If you have been keeping up to date with our reading room, you may be aware that the underlying purpose of the Apple AirTags is set to track personal belongings of value, such a phone, card or keys, which can often be misplaced.

It would make sense for the product to come in different sizes and allow a small tag to be placed on items such as keys for example and a larger one, which would require less frequent charging, to be placed on luggage. Another interesting idea would consist of locating the AirTag on items such a defibrillators or fire extinguishers, which would enable a user’s iPhone or Apple Watch to directly locate them, when in need.

Furthermore, the device could be equipped with a precise positioning system and accelerometers to enable the AirTag to detect when one’s posture appears to be slacking. The patent applications are however broad and lack some specificity, so the mentioned ideas are just that; ideas. It is unlikely that Apple will pursue all of the features however only time will tell.

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