Another win for Baskin: Carole Baskin awarded legal ownership of Tiger King zoo

Carole Baskin notches another win in her feud with Joe exotic, owner of the Tiger King Zoo  amid a $1million dollar trade mark infringement dispute.

Carol Baskin’s feud with Joe Exotic who is currently serving a 22 year sentence for plotting to murder Baskin, was the subject of the hit Netflix series ‘Tiger King’.

A key part of their feud involved a trade mark infringement dispute filed by Baskin in 2011 against Joe Exotic’s former company, Wynnewood Development Group where he was ordered to pay Baskin’s company ‘Big Cat Rescue’ $1million dollars. 5 years later in 2016, Baskin filed another lawsuit claiming that Joe exotic had fraudulently transferred his zoo to his mother to avoid paying Caroline Baskin the $1 million dollars.

The judgement made earlier this week found that the zoo was unlawfully transferred to Joe Exotic’s mother and as a result, Carole Baskin has been granted full control of Exotic’s former ‘Tiger King’ zoo as part of  the ruling.

The zoo’s current operator and all zoo animals have been ordered to leave within 120 days.

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