Another issue with Stranger things: Off to Court we go

The show Stranger Things has become the latest millennial craze and has been binged watched by many on Netflix. It has garnered the creators of the show Matt and Ross Duffer (“the Duffer Brothers”) a vast amount of success. Consequently, in 2018 Charlie Kessler brought a lawsuit against the Duffer Brothers alleging that the original concept for the show Stranger Things was his idea.

Charlie Kessler alleges to have pitched some ideas in front of the Duffer Brothers at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival. Charlie Kessler is claiming that he had presented some concepts, ideas and other material in an environment where there was an implied agreement that none of the ideas would be discussed or exploited.

The Superior Court of LA decided that the Duffer Brothers had failed to provide sufficient evidence regarding the originality of their idea. As a result, the Court held that the decision on whether the Duffer Brothers were the true originators of Stranger Things can only be decided by a trial.

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