Angry Birds- Falling out of the sky?

Rovio, the makers of the popular game have been falling from the top of the gaming charts for a while now. The once viral game makers have announced that they will be laying off 16% of their staff (from 244 to 130). Angry birds was one of the first games to reach the prestigious one billion download mark, making it the most popular mobile game ever.  Since the game, the company has struggled to repeat the initial success with its latest releases. Rovio’s chief marketing officer stated in interview that “it is very tough to produce consistent hits”.

 Another example of this situation is Zynga, who have not been able to achieve success from a game since Farmville who had to lay off 520 employees last year.

These examples show that the life cycle of a mobile game is very short and to produce another successful game is very difficult for developers. When the hype for the game eventually dies so it seems, does the company.Â

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