And the winner is…. GOOOOOOOOOOOGLE

A few weeks ago the jurors in the Oracle -v- Google case found that Google had indeed infringed Oracle’s copyright by using the Java APIs which had been acquired by Oracle in the Oracle/Sun Microsystems merger in 2010.

But the jury could not decide whether or not the use of the APIs was fair use. It seemed after the Jurors had spoken with the press after the case that they were split 9-3 on the matter. Google have since filed for a mistrial which has yet to be decided.

More recently, in Oracle’s patent claim the jury ruled that Google did not infringe Oracle’s patents with regard to the use of the APIs on android technology.

When Oracle initially took this case there original claim was in the region of $6 billion. Over the past two years Oracle have realised that their claim is worth less than a billion and damage expectations have been lowered. Oracle who were initially been seeking an account of profits from Google but may now only be left with nothing but the world’s largest legal bill.

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