An author files trademark suit against unnamed cybersquatter

On January 25th Jacob Vigil a new Mexico-based author and radio personality accused an “unknown corporate entity” of trademark infringement, dilution, false designation of origin, unfair competition and cybersquatting at the US district court for New Mexico. Vigil filed the suit after the unnamed defendant allegedly used his name to spread defamatory content.

Vigil released a book about the Earth being flat and has used his pseudo name ‘Tim Ozman’ for all of his fictional work since 2010. The activist alleged that the accused entity is “registering domains commonly used to identify” Vigil, preventing him from registering them and using them himself for promotional purposes.

Some of the domains allegedly registered are as follows, and Vigil stated that the registration of these sites was “in bad faith” and with “malicious intent” because they redirect to “defamatory content.”

Vigil concluded that the defendant wilfully infringed his trademarks and “acted as a cybersquatter” who intended to profit from his rights. This was due to the fact the defendant had caused confusion by uploading “hundreds of hours of video content” intended to be confused with Vigils trademarks. As such he had made some consumers believe the sites were operated by Vigil and therefore encouraged them to give donations.

There are as yet no details of the defendant’s response or what will happen next! If you have any question regarding trademark infringement contact Lawdit today!

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