American Football Coach Retweets and Gets Sued for Copyright Infringement

The head American football coach of King’s College in Pennsylvania, Jeffery Knarr and the foresaid institution are being sued for copyright infringement by Dr. Keith Bell. The sports psychologist and author alleges that both, Knarr and King’s College committed an offence when Knarr retweeted a page from his book that was originally tweeted by someone else approximately two years ago.

The lawsuit that was filed a few days ago describes Dr. Bell as an ‘internationally recognised performance consultant’. It goes on to state that he has worked with 500 teams which include the Olympic and national teams for Australia, Canada, the Cayman Islands, Fiji, Hong Kong, New Zealand and the United States. Furthermore, the claimant is portrayed as an athlete, coach and successful speaker he is a ‘four-time collegiate All-American swimmer, a holder of numerous world and national masters swim records, and has coached several collegiate, high school, and private swim teams to competitive success’.

The cornerstone of the case pertains to a book that Dr. Bell published in 1982, titled ‘Winning Isn’t Normal’. The lawsuit articulates that ‘the book has enjoyed substantial acclaim, distribution and publicity. Dr. Bell is the sole author of this work, and continues to own all rights in the work’.

Although the retweet by Knarr comprises a single page from the said book which would be deemed a small portion of the overall work and could potentially result in a fair use defense, it is certainly going to be a very costly litigation battle for the defendants.Â

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