Amazon threatens legal action after shop in Worcestershire uses their famous logo.

Days before their grand reveal, ‘Amaze’ shop owners Chris Lee and Polly Reehal received a letter from Amazon’s legal team with threats to take legal action unless they change their logo. The shop was set up in order to help tackle homelessness, however, it quickly drew Amazon’s attention, after Amaze incorporated Amazon’s iconic arrow smile into their own logo. 

Further, the colours, with the incorporation of a black background, white writing and an orange smile are an exact replica of Amazon’s. Even the font looks identical. This is likely to lead to possible consumer confusion, so if Amaze wanted to avoid infringing upon Amazon’s famous trade mark, they were instructed to alter their own logo. In the letter, the e-commerce giant stated that the use of its trade mark, particularly the smile logo would lead customers to believe that the shop holds affiliations with or was endorsed by Amazon.

Amazon’s legal team also stated that they have no objection against the word ‘Amaze’ but instead to the incorporation of their logo. The pair were understandably upset, as after months of hard work their grand opening was interrupted by the action from Amazon. The shop has confirmed that the opening is set to go ahead, however, without the presence of the disputed logo.

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