Amazon shopping cart could potentially violate innovator’s pre-existing patent.

Amazon have just been accused of patent infringement by Mxolisi Yande, whom is an innovator based in South Africa. The cart itself operates in Amazon Go Grocery, the company’s cashier-less food store. The shopping trolley is question has been named the ‘Dash Cart’ and possesses enough technology to do one’s food shop without the need for a cashier or a till.

The cart holds different features, including weighing loose fruit and veg, as well as access to Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, which can help you locate different items within the shop. A video of the feature-inclusive trolley went viral online, reaching four million views on Twitter and half a million on TikTok. However, one response stood out in particular, which was that of Yande. The innovator responded to the video on Twitter with the claim that it was his original idea to create a Smart Cart, as he has had the patents approved, and has been trying to get sponsored since 2013.

Amazon’s cart bears some resemblance to Yande’s original idea such as an upper level screen and the aspect of internet connectivity. Nevertheless, proving patent infringement has occurred will be a difficult task for Yande, as some Twitter users pointed out his patent might not have been filed globally. The cart also appears much more detailed and complex in comparison to Yande’s idea of a Bluetooth-enabled cart.

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