Amazon extends its IP Accelerator to Europe, after success in the U.S. (2/2)

The underlying issue here is that if the sale of such goods carries on, consumers will likely begin to lose trust in the site. With growth and expansion come many benefits, however also twice as many issues to tackle, such as the protection of IP rights. 

The IP Accelerator will be sure to give business owners more control and security of their brands and with such successful rates in the U.S., it makes complete sense to begin expanding the programme within Europe. Such small businesses may often struggle in terms of legal options and perhaps avoid registering their trade mark because of the costs involved. Recent reports from the IPO show that only 9% of SMBs have registered IP rights, in comparison to the 36% of larger companies.

We must assess the impact of the accelerator system, as it perhaps means the quick access to brand registry will largely differ to the traditional process of having a mark approved by the intellectual property office. This effort will be sure to face a lot of criticism, as it appears to be dodging the way the legislative system operates, however it could also have a very positive impact on smaller businesses, which previously would have struggled to acquire and protect their rights.

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