Aldi in trouble over alleged copycat Bath and Body works candles

Budget retailer Aldi is fast becoming a top choice for shoppers in the UK.

With this growth in popularity, they seem to be wanting to compete with some of the higher end retailers for more than just groceries. However, if the latest claim is anything to go by, they don’t seem to be using purely their own ideas.

Popular US candle and cosmetics company, Bath and Body Works, have filed an action against Aldi, claiming they have copied a number of their candles.

Founded in 1990, Bath and Body Works (B&BW) have built a strong reputation stateside as the producer of top-quality candles and body products, a reputation that has extended to the UK even though the products are not available to buy here.

B&BW claim that Aldi have been selling candles that are identical or near identical scents and names.

B&BW claim that customers are being confused as to believing the products sold by Aldi are made by B&BW but have been disappointed by their inferior quality and scent.

15 examples have been raised as part of the issue, including ‘Hot Cocoa and Cream’ a scent sold by both brands.

B&BW claim that Aldi has not only infringed the trade mark protected names but also, they claim the copyright protected labels and designs have also been infringed.

The claim also states that Aldi has gone as far to compare the two products, using slogans such as ‘If you love Bath and Body Works candles, you have to check out Aldi’s products’.

The claim has been filed in the US as both brands are prominent there, therefore it will be interesting to see if this claim is extinguished straight away or it continues to burn on for a while.

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