Adidas are at it again: Stripe swipe in US

Sportswear brand Adidas has yet again tried to assert their monopoly over stripes and have attempted to block another stripe mark.

Adidas have possibly one of the most recognisable logos, especially in relation to sportswear brands, and they are not afraid to protect it.

With numerous opposition claims ongoing, one more doesn’t seem to hurt as they have taken a swipe at a US mark which was applied for in May 2016.

The mark in question contains the words ‘3 Gold Bars’ which is situated below three horizontal bar lines. This mark was filed by Dagoberto Sanchez in class 25 which covers clothing, footwear and headgear.

Adidas did take their time with their opposition which was filed on Monday, the mark being published since May.

Adidas in their opposition bid have cited their long use of a stripe mark which their high level of recognisability in the clothing a footwear market.

The ‘3 Gold Bar’ mark is cited as being confusingly similar to the Adidas mark, and may damage Adidas well-built reputation.

As the opposition has only just been filed, there is no indication as to which way the claim will go but one thing is for sure, Adidias will not give up their self-built exclusivity around stripes in the clothing and footwear market easily.

Keep up to date with Lawdit’s reading room for updates as this case progresses, as well as other IP news as it breaks.

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