ACS Law and Goldeneye a familiar tale

Next phase Goldeneye and a dozen more claimants coming to a letter box near you

One would therefore expect 2013 to be a busy year as many Claimant’s seek to protect their IPR, and many Defendants cry ‘foul’ considering what they believe to be excessive and unecessary tactics.

A director of Goldeneye was quoted as saying “I look forward to travelling to adult conferences in LA and Vegas in early January to offer Golden Eye’s services to other producers with a view to helping them protect their brands’ copyright in the UK.”

Usual promises I suspect, no win no fee, fee sharing. They are going to be quids in as many accused will pay. However one word of caution for those porn barons. I remember being interviewed in 2008, some five years ago. Radio 1 newsbeat’s article is here

But porn moguls may be intererested in this:-

“Many of the letters seen by Newsbeat indicate that DigiProtect is acting on behalf of one of the biggest adult studios in the United States, Evil Angel, run by American porn mogul John Stagliano.  When contacted, Mister Stagliano appeared to be unaware of the £500 DigiProtect is demanding from alleged file-sharers to settle out of court.  “It’s not my understanding that they ask for anything near that. I think the amount was $50 (£34) or €50 (£43),” he said.  “I would be very surprised and I wouldn’t be happy because it would mean it was completely misrepresented to me.”  Goldeneye are seeking sums in the region of £300, often more.

An excellent website can be found here and also the excellent Open Rights Group can be found here

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