A win for Sky after copyright infringement battle

Alex Cherrie has just lost a legal battle against Sky, after he generated thousands of pounds by providing hyperlinks to Sky TV shows on YouTube and Reddit. Sky have been granted an interim interdict at the Court of Sessions against the defendant after he was found to provide access to their channels behind a paywall.

An interim interdict is a Scottish order preventing one from breaching another party’s legal rights. Further, a breach of such interdict can lead to a fine or imprisonment. This outcome could also set a precedent for any other companies seeking to protect their copyright in similar occurrences of infringement.

The YouTube channel breaching Sky’s copyright has almost 100,000 subscribers and over 16 million views since its start in 2016. Further, Cherrie was charging a £17 monthly subscription fee to enable viewers to access the links and videos of Sky’s copyrighted content. This is a demonstration of a large-scale infringement, with the Court stating that infringement of such volume could significantly impair Sky’s business model. It was also discovered that  Cherrie was a previous Sky customer, and further checks detailed that PayPal was used to charge viewers on both platforms.

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