A rise in UK job vacancies as the e-commerce market continues to accelerate.

Over the past year, many companies have made a resilient effort to carry out all of their sales through the e-commerce market, after physical stores closed due to the pandemic. As a result of this, job vacancies have risen to their highest level, as retail businesses are in need of more warehouse and delivery staff, in order to cope with customer demand.

As reported by Indeed, the search terms “warehouse”, “picker” and “delivery driver” rapidly escalated throughout the previous year. Further, the Office for National Statistics has reported that the e-commerce industry now accounts for 36% of all retail spending, in comparison to the 19.1% witnessed prior to the first lockdown, back in 2020. This shift exhibits a businesses’ ability to adapt when needed. However, as a result of three lockdowns, many jobs were compromised and UK retail stores had lost an estimated figure of £27 billion in sales.

Nonetheless, the high consumer demand was able to provide job vacancies in other sectors, within the retail industry. It is likely that when stores re-open, the large percentage of contribution from the e-commerce market will decrease, as in-store sales will overtake. With the latter in mind, it is undeniable that the way in which we shop may have changed forever, as demonstrated by the e-commerce market’s contribution toward the overall spending in the retail industry. Many consumers have adjusted to making almost all purchases from the comfort of their home and may choose to carry on doing so when stores re-open.

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